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Cross Reality (XR): Challenges and Opportunities Across the Spectrum

Cross Reality resources hold promise for enhancing instruction and learning experiences in and out of the classroom. XR applications can provide the foundation for new types of learning environments and experiences while bringing users together to create unique communities of inquiry and practice. Here we explore the opportunities and benefits of harnessing the affordances of XR while exploring the challenges associated with implementation. Recommendations and implications for future research.

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Immersive Learning Environments: Designing XR into Higher Education

The body of research supporting the inclusion of extended reality (XR) into higher education is substantial. However, due to the pandemic and the need to increase virtual presence with remote students and workers, the incorporation of diverse XR options into education is catching serious attention of university administrators. Instructional designers (IDs) are well trained in the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation skills needed to select appropriate platforms and uses of XR. This chapter illustrates how IDs can assist in high-level design decisions regarding these resources. Familiar models and design approaches are recommended along with templates for working with leadership regarding research and funding and evaluating XR for best use for the higher education applications. 

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