Introduction to XR Course


This course will explore how Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), collectively called Extended Reality (XR), bring new perspectives to a broad range of fields including all majors represented at the university.

Students will engage with a variety of XR modalities, from mobile apps and computer-based simulations to fully immersive virtual reality experiences. Each student will be equipped with a VR head mounted display to discover firsthand the potential impact of this technology.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course students will be able to…

1. Identify and describe applications of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

2. Analyze the qualities of successful XR software and experiences.

3. Discuss how XR can be applied to your area of interest.

4. Apply XR technology to create a product design brief.

Only Week 2 is in this Portfolio.